Shane McElrath 10th at Highpoint

The Pro Motocross Outdoor National series headed to Mount Morris, Pennsylvania, for the fourth round of the outdoor nationals & the 47th year of the High Point National. A unique racetrack to the series, like an amphitheater, the track layout is pitted by circling hillsides packed full of race fans, earning it the nickname “The Country Club of Motocross”.

While it did not rain during the race, weather played a factor. Having received heavy rain the night before and into Saturday morning, the track was muddy. As the race wore on, the ruts got deeper and longer, and any mistake would send you over the bars and off the pace. Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki #12 Shane McElrath and #11 Kyle Chisholm were up for the challenge. Their Suzuki RM-Z 450cc was ready to weather the storm thanks to team manager Larry Brooks, mechanics Alex Faith, and Andrew Livingston

#12 Shane McElrath

#12 Shane McElrath showcased his resilience and skill on his Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki. Despite the challenging race conditions, he started strong during the qualifying sessions, finishing in an impressive 5th place. He carried this momentum into the main events, securing two top-ten results: 8th place in Moto One and 10th place in Moto Two. McElrath’s determination and skill led him to finish 10th overall on the day.

“Pretty good day for me,” said Shane McElrath. “The track today was probably one of the most technical racetracks I have raced. With the conditions and the track layout, it was super technical. I feel it favored my riding style. I had a pretty good time on it.”

#11 Kyle Chisholm

#11 Kyle Chisholm suffered a wrist injury during the first moto. He did his best to salvage the day but could not finish the second moto. Chisholm got a great start during the first moto. He was in the top ten early on. Unfortunately, that’s when Kyle hit his wrist with another rider. As the race continued, the wrist got worse. He finished the first moto in 20th place. He lined up for the second race, but midway through, it became apparent that continuing was unsafe. Chisholm pulled off early. He finished the round 23rd overall, going 20-34 in two main events.

“We turned it around a bit with results this weekend,” said Team Manager Larry Brooks.  “Pretty happy to see Shane ride to his potential. He rode very good; everyone was pleasantly surprised and very happy. It puts us in a better position as far as the series goes. One downfall of the day was Kyle Chisholm spraining his wrist. He was unable to finish the second moto. It was x-rayed at the track; nothing appeared to be broken, but it definitely hurt him. We’ll be checking in on him.”  

After a well-deserved weekend off, the series will reconvene on June 29th in Southwick, Massachusetts for the fifth round of the Pro Motocross Outdoor Nationals. Get ready for one of the sandiest tracks in the series! The coverage starts at 7:00AM PST with Race Day Live, followed by the first race at 10:00AM PST on the Peacock TV APP

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