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Andrew Livingston

american flag

Ventura, California


  • Pro SX MX Tech

First start in the industry?

Why did you decide to become a mechanic?

Once I got my first bike I was hooked. Then my dads brother and I got into racing. Ever since then I knew I wanted to be apart of this industry. My dad and I always worked on all our own cars and bike. I enjoyed working n my own bikes so I decided to try an make a career out of it.


First start in the industry?

I went to Pro SX MX Tech in West Virgina with Scott Adkins. Towards the end of my time there Jason Aeck from the Racers Edge in Simi Valley called Scott looking for a mechanic. Being that I am from Ventura it worked out perfect. I worked there for a few months before getting a call from Dave Dye offering me a opportunity to work at HEP Motorsports. Since then I have worked with #722 Adam Enticknap, Max Anstie, #19 Justin Bogle, & #11 Kyle Chisholm.

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