Roczen has gut-wrenching round in Nashville, TN

The 14th round at Nissan Stadium in downtown Nashville was a rollercoaster of emotions, with intense moments and unexpected turns for the riders. What started as a promising podium night ended with Roczen crashing hard out of the whoops just six minutes into the main event, suffering a broken foot, toe, and tib plateau, and is now on the path to recovery. His next race is yet to be determined, but he’s not letting this setback dampen his spirit. No surgery is required, but he’s diligently gathering information and undergoing further evaluation. This unwavering resilience and determination is not unique to Roczen, as McElrath and Chisholm battled hard despite their setbacks and injuries.

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#94 Ken Roczen

The #94 Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki was off to a great start. Roczen was out to a commanding lead in his heat race before losing four positions, stalling his bike. He finished the heat in 5th place. In the main event, Ken got out to another great start and ran in second, chasing down first. On the 7th lap, Roczen jumped the triple before the whoops, and within a split second of landing, smoke bellowed from his bike and a rear shock failure, as he entered the whoops. Ken could not salvage the situation and was bucked off his bike as he exited the whoops, launching himself into the air and landing first on his feet, knees, and body. The Alpinestar medial unit quickly tended to him. On Monday, April 22nd, Roczen, after an MRI, discovered that he had a broken toe, foot, and tib plateau. He will miss the final three Supercross races. 

A force to be reckoned with, Ken Roczen finishes Supercross with 224 points, a win in Arizona, and podiums in San Francisco (3rd), Detroit (3rd), Birmingham (3rd), Indianapolis (2nd), and Boston (3rd).

#12 Shane McElrath

Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki rider #12 Shane McElrath continues to show the progress he’s been making round to round. Racing very competitively, McElrath fought to maintain 8th place in the main event. Shane swapped positions a few times throughout the next two laps but eventually came out on top and ran in 7th. Unfortunately, on the 11th lap, the bike stalled, going into a corner, setting Shane back to 14th place. He quickly got his momentum going again and was able to move up one position by the race’s end, finishing in 13th place.

#11 Kyle Chisholm

Kyle Chisholm #11 battled a swollen ankle; the veteran showed his grit by racing through a lingering injury and struggled in qualifying during the day. Things took a turn for the better in the heat race after a less-than-lackluster 12th-place start, outside a transfer position. Kyle quickly picked off the competition, and by lap five, Chisholm was in 8th place, where he eventually finished. The #11 Twisted Tea HEP Suzuki rider carried that momentum into the main event, racing consistently for the entire 20min plus 2-lap main event, finishing in 16th place.

As the series hurtles towards its thrilling conclusion, the anticipation builds for the remaining rounds. Fans can look forward to more heart-pounding action as the riders take on the challenge in Philadelphia.

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