🎉 Ken Roczen back to back WSX 450 class Championships! 🏁

(Madera, CA, Nov 29th, 2023) – Ken Roczen wins the Melbourne GP in convincing style at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The World Supercross Championship did not disappoint. Ken Roczen was determined to finish the job, winning SuperPole and his first two main events. In the final main event, coming down to the wire, Roczen passed Joey Savatgy in the race’s final moments to secure his championship. Taking the Melbourne GP overall, Ken went 1-1-3 in three main events for 1st overall. 450-class teammate Kyle Chisholm had an exceptional final main event, nearly grabbing the hole shot and running up front for most of the race. He finished out the series 8th in points. Cullin Park looked very promising on his RM-Z250 Suzuki with 4th overall in Melbourne GP; he finished the series 5th in points. Hunter Yoder had his best WSX race with 8th overall. Collectively, this team overcame a 41-point deficit and took 2nd overall in the team standings, capping off what has been a fantastic year of racing for Pipes Motorsports Group. 

We will keep you posted on plans for the 2024 Racing Season, but in the meantime, we still have some impressive prizes left to give away, exclusively for those who read these emails. The next giveaway will feature race-worn autographed jerseys from Cullin Park and Kyle Chisholm, plus an autographed Ken Roczen podium t-shirt from this past round. 

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