Roczen 2nd overall in Supermotocross World Championship

Roczen 2nd overall in Supermotocross World Championship.

(Madera, CA, Sep 26th, 2023) – Ken Roczen podiums LA Coliseum going 2-2 on his Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki. He finishes 2nd overall in the Supermotocross World Championship and comes home with $650,000 in prize money. In two edge-of-your-seat finales, #94 on his Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki captivated everyone in attendance and tuned in to watch the Supermotocrss playoffs. Roczen kept things interesting all night as he was in title contention leading up to the final checkered flag. In what was a historic day for this sport, Ken Roczen finished 2nd overall in the first-ever Supermotocross World Championship playoffs.

Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki, presented by Progressive Insurance riders Freddie Noren and Kyle Chisholm, finished the season strong. Freddie Noren had his best race of the year in 8th place, going 11-8 in two main events. Noren finished out the series 11th overall and took home $60,400. Teammate Kyle Chisholm fought through a lingering sore knee and finished the series 17th overall, taking home $38,700 after going 14-13 in two main events for 14th overall on the night at the historic LA Coliseum.  

Supermotocross has ended for HEP Motorsports, and now the focus turns to Motocross Des Nations as Ken Roczen represents Germany on his Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki. Racing in Ernee-France, the motocross world will come together on October 7th-8th in just a few short weeks.  

Pipes Motorsports Group will continue racing in just over a month in the World Supercross Championship at Abu Dahbi GP in Abu Dahbi, U.A.E. Under new financial backing, the World Supercross Championship is racing Abu Dhabi GP on the 4th-5th of November, followed up by Melbourne, Australia, at the Marvell Stadium on the 24th-25th of November. Ken Roczen looks to continue his reign and retain his WSX title aboard his RM-Z450 Suzuki. Along with Roczen, Pipes Motorsports Group will have Kyle Chisholm in the premiere class and Cullin Park and Hunter Yoder back on the RM-Z250 Suzuki in the lite class. 

Between the two World Supercross Championship GP’s Ken Roczen will race the annual Paris Supercross in Paris, France, on the 18th-19th of November. This one-off race debuted in 2017, and Ken’s Roczen looks to take home this year’s crown. 

With four more races scheduled for 2023 for Ken Roczen, it will be a historic ending to his 2023 campaign and return to Suzuki. Ken Roczen put Suzuki back on top and captivated the motocross world as he podiumed in Anaheim, won in Indianapolis, won the W.S.X. British GP, lead the second most laps at the outdoor nationals in only one race, and finished 2nd overall in Supermotocross. 

Ken Roczen #94

Ken Roczen #94: “It was a super awesome weekend in LA,” said Ken Roczen. “It was really cool to be in that venue, and it was a pretty big race for us as we were in title contention all weekend. Of course, we needed a bit of luck, but, yeah, we went into the motos confident where we were at. I ended up pulling a really good start and was leading for a little bit including the restart. It was a little bit hectic there. I felt like I just rode really well all weekend, and after a good battle, I could end up 2nd in the first one and be in contention in the next moto to potentially get this championship. I didn’t grab the greatest start in the second moto, but after a good fight, it was a bummer that Chase went down, but that opened up the door for me to fight Jett for the win. I was able to keep it close and make it interesting. I was able to bring it home in second place, which got us second overall in the championship. I am really happy with how we ended up this supermotocross season with the team. This will give us some good momentum coming into Motocross des Nations. 

Freddie Noren #47

Freddie Noren #47: “I am super pumped on the night,” said Freddie Noren. “I rode really well. I started off the day slow, trying to find my flow, I made a few changes on the bike, and it made the difference. I had a good start to the first moto and rode really well, then picked it right back up after the red flag and finished 11th place. I was really happy with that, and I rode well. In the second moto, I got off the gate really good and came around the corner inside the top 10. I rode really well, and I’m happy with my performance in the second moto. I went through the finish line in 8th place. I am super happy that I finished 11th overall in the playoffs. I can’t thank the team enough. I am stoked to finish off the year good.”

Kyle Chisholm #11

Kyle Chisholm #11: “Little bit better for me this week, said Kyle Chisholm. “These three playoff races have been frustrating for me, dealing with my knee bugging me and not being able to ride much. So, I have been rehabbing my knee and am not able to ride and train like normal. When you’re at the top of the game and off just a little, it makes a pretty big difference. Luckily, I was able to ride one day this week, which helped a lot. I was able to finish 14th on the night, which was a step in the right direction. It was an improvement. I ended up tied for 16th in points. Not exactly where I wanted to be, but all in all, it’s good; I’m healthy. I’m going to try to figure out my knee these next couple weeks so I can finish out the World Supercross Championship strong and come into Anaheim ready to go next year.”

Larry Brooks, Team Manager

Larry Brooks, Team Manager:

 “It was a really good race last night at the historic LA Coliseum,” said team manager Larry Brooks. “The tracks built for these supermotocross races have been really great and made for some competitive racing. I think the fans really enjoyed it. For the Pipes Motorsports Group, Ken Roczen finished 2nd overall in the series and finished 2nd in every supermotocross race this year. He rode really good, it was a good night, it was a good series, and it was a good season. We came from a long way off in the beginning of the season to being one of the top competitors of the series. Every time he came onto the track, he was in contention to win. It was pretty impressive. The whole team, Ken himself, everyone worked really hard, and it seemed to work out really good. For the HEP Motorsports team, Freddie Noren finished out 8th on the night and 11th overall in series points, which was really good. Kyle Chisholm finished 14th on the night and 17th in series points, which was good considering he’s battling a hurt knee. I’m proud of my team and my riders. We did a good job putting Suzuki back where it should be.”

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