Ken Roczen wins Moto 2 at Chicagoland Speedway

Ken Roczen wins Moto 2 at Chicagoland Speedway.

(Madera, CA, Sep 18th, 2023) – Fantastic day for Ken Roczen on his Progressive ECSTAR Suzuki with a moto win in route to a second overall podium finish at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. Roczen sits third in championship points and is ten points out of first place heading into the final round of Supermotocross this coming Saturday at the LA Coliseum. 


Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki, presented by Progressive Insurance Freddie Noren, had a commendable day, finishing both motos in 14th place. Teammate Kyle Chisholm, battling a hurt knee, fought through the pain and came away with 19th place in both motos. 

Ken Roczen #94

Ken Roczen #94: Incredible weekend at Chicagoland Speedway for Ken Roczen. Coming off a monumental week for the Roczen family, welcoming in the newest member, Rafe Roczen, Ken capped off the weekend in excellent form, winning the second moto and finishing off the day 2nd overall. Roczen has positioned himself in a great spot with triple points on the line in the final Supermotocross race. He is currently third in points and only ten out of first place with the SMX Championship on the line.



“Super dreamy weekend at Chicagoland,” said Ken Roczen. “We were on the board in both practices, qualifying, and the mains. We made a bunch of little suspension adjustments that we even did going into the first main. We didn’t quite nail it on the head there, so I went as fast as possible for what the bike allowed me to do in the first one. So, I ended up third there. I was pretty happy with my riding but couldn’t move forward more than third place after a so-so start. In the second one, we made a suspension change that I already rode in the second qualifying, and we made some slight adjustments on the parade lap that ended up nailing it on the head. I was able to ride it to my full potential. So, I went 3-1 with Jett letting me by. I was going for it in the second position and riding super hard the whole main as I was super hungry to pass him. I ended up getting second overall. I think the team and I are super pleased with everything, the effort, and the riding. It was a super good weekend for all of us, and I’m looking forward to the next weekend’s last SMX round.” 

Freddie Noren #47

Freddie Noren #47: It was a solid day for Freddie Noren on his Suzuki RM-Z 450. Freddie went 14-14 in two main events for 14th overall. Noren is 14th in championship points with one round to go. 


“14 was my number today,” said Freddie Noren. “I qualified 14th, I finished the first main in 14th and the second in 14th place. I was happy with how I rode today; I just was not getting off the gate like I needed to. I was racing really well; I made some passes to put me in 14th place. Overall, I’m happy with my racing, just not super stoked about my result. 14th is not a place I’m doing summersaults over. The whole crew did a good job today. I am happy, I’m healthy, and I’m ready to finish strong next weekend.”

Kyle Chisholm #11

Kyle Chisholm #11: Rough weekend for Kyle Chisholm, finishing 19th overall, going 19-19 in two main events. Kyle now sits 18th in championship points with one round to go. 


“It was a pretty rough week for me,” said Kyle Chisholm“I wasn’t able to ride this week; my knee has been bugging me; not getting any practice or training in made it tough. It was not ideal and kind of a bummer. I really just tried to salvage through the weekend the best I could, with my knee being a pain. It’s part of racing, and my knee is banged up a bit. I will focus on getting it as much rest as possible to do the best I can this last race coming up.”

Larry Brooks, Team Manager

Larry Brooks, Team Manager:


“It was a good weekend for us,” said team manager Larry Brooks. “Ken Roczen finished first in qualifying to start the day, Freddie Noren was 14th, and Kyle Chisholm was 17th in qualifying. So the day started off pretty strong, rolling into the night show. The track was really fast, probably one of the fastest motocross tracks I have ever seen. To make a pass, you had to be faster than the other rider, and there was not a lot of room out there. In the first moto, Ken Roczen finished 3rd on the podium. Freddie Noren finished 14th, and Kyle Chisholm finished 19th place. Kyle has been struggling with a sore knee, and it got the better of him today. The second moto was a fantastic race; Ken Roczen came from third place on the start and passed Jett with two laps to go for the lead. Ken ran him down, was right on him, and got around him with two laps to go. Freddie Noren finished 14th again in the second moto, and Kyle Chisholm finished 19th. On the night, Ken Roczen got 44 points because it was double points this weekend. Freddie Noren received 16 points, and Kyle got 6 points. Ken Roczen is in third place and ten points out of the lead. Freddie Noren is 14th in the points, and Kyle Chisholm is 18th in the points standings. Ken Roczen has a chance of winning this thing.”


Pipes Motorsports Group’s: Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance and Progressive ECSTAR Suzuki head to the LA Coliseum in what will be a historic race. The final Supermotocross will take place this Saturday. The action starts at 7:00 p.m. You can catch all the action live on PEACOCKTV. 

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