Ken Roczen Podiums at the Inaugural Supermotocross Race

Ken Roczen Podiums at the Inaugural Supermotocross race

(Madera, CA, Sep 11th, 2023) – The inaugural Supermotocross event lived up to everyone’s expectations. The highly anticipated playoff round occurred this weekend at the ZMAX Dragway in Charlotte, NC. The track was a unique blend of supercross and motocross, which made for some exciting racing. The grandstands were packed, and the Fan Fest was busy on race day. Ken Roczen had a stellar day onboard his Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki RMZ 450 with a 2nd overall podium finish. Ken is now 5th in championship points. Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki rider Freddie Noren also had a strong day with 12th overall. He currently sits 11th in championship points. 

Ken Roczen #94

Ken Roczen #94: It was a stellar performance from Ken Roczen, who has been months removed from racing, having sat out all but one pro motocross national, and the time off proved beneficial to Ken, who did not miss a beat. Roczen had two stellar races. Ken didn’t get the best start in the first moto but fought his way into third place. In the second moto, he got a better start and quickly jumped out to the lead, where he led multiple laps before sweat impaired his vision and forced him to slow his pace. Roczen went 3-3 for 2nd overall at the first-ever Supermotocross Playoff race. 


“It was an unbelievable opening Supermotocross,” said Ken Roczen. “I had fun from my first lap on the track Friday. We had two free practices, and I just felt great out there. My first start wasn’t the greatest, so I had to put my head down from the gate drop to the checkered flag. You kind of had to give 110%-120% to make some passes happen with the way the tack was laid out. The track was really fun to ride on, but to race on made it tough to pass. I was able to finish the first moto in 3rd after a strong fight. I came into the second moto, grabbed the lead, and led for a bunch of laps. Toward the end of the race, I had a bit of sweat issues with my helmet and goggles and that really slowed me down. Chase and Jett ended up passing me. I didn’t keep the gap close; I had a big gap to 4th place and just stayed in third. I ended up 3-3 for 2nd overall. I think we had a great first race after not racing for a couple of months or so. I was happy with how the team worked with me and the little changes to the bike. It was an unbelievable first race back for us!”

Freddie Noren #47

Freddie Noren #47: Awesome opening round for Freddie Noren. Freddie went 13-11 for 12th overall in two motos and is now 11th in championship points. Freddie was very consistent on his Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki at the opening Supermotocross playoff round. 

“I’m really pumped on how today went,” said Freddie Noren. “First Moto didn’t have the best gate pick and was a little cautious off the start. I rode really well and made some good passes. I charged the whole moto to finish 13th and was right behind the next few positions in front of me. I got a better gate spot in the second moto. I had a better start and came around the first corner in a good position. I had a great pace, and my first half of the moto was great. I finished the second moto in 11th, which put me 12th overall on the day. Really happy with the first race and to build off of it!”

Kyle Chisholm #11

Kyle Chisholm #11: Rough start to the Supermotocross playoff round for Kyle Chisholm. Coming off a long week of testing and still not 100% from his Budds Creek crash, Kyle made the most of the day. He went 19-18 for 18th overall and is in 17th place for championship points. Fortunately, there are two rounds to go, and points increase each round, so there is plenty of opportunity left out there for Chisholm.

“Frustrating day for me,” said Kyle Chisholm. “I never really had it all day. I didn’t ride my best. We played with the bike setup all day and found some good stuff. We still get two more rounds, and I look forward to Chicago.”

Larry Brooks, Team Manager

Larry Brooks, Team Manager: “Today was a good day,” said team manager Larry Brooks. “We finished 2nd on the day with Ken Roczen, Freddie Noren finished 12th, and Kyle Chisholm finished 18th on the day. It puts us in good positions in championship points for Ken and Freddie. Ken Roczen went 3-3 for 2nd overall. The team worked really hard with a Supermotocross track. We did some testing in Florida before the event, we did a lot of testing, and we came in pretty confident. We made a few changes on the day, and I think we did pretty good. Suzuki was on the podium again, and we are pretty proud of that. We have two more events to try to win in this Championship, and we are pretty happy.”

Pipes Motorsports Group’s Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki, presented by Progressive Insurance and Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki, heads to Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL, for the second Supermotocross playoff round. This Saturday will feature some exciting racing. Money is on the line, and the points will double this weekend. The first race starts at 5:00 PM PST; you can catch all the action live on PEACOCK TV.

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