Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance’ Noren finishes Outdoor Nationals 8th in points

(Madera, CA, Aug 28th, 2023) – Twisted Tea HEP Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance finishes out the 2023 Pro Motocross Outdoor Nationals on a high note at Ironman with Freddie Norens impressive moto 2 finish in 10th place. He finished out the year 8th in series points after an impressive 12 rounds of the outdoor nationals. The team was without Kyle Chisholm who is recovering still from the previous weeks crashes. Kyle heads into the Supermotocross playoffs in 16th place. Freddie Noren heads into the Supermotocross playoffs 11th in points. Ken Roczen will be back on his Progressive ECSTAR Suzuki racing all three Supermotocross rounds. He comes into the playoff series 8th in points. 

Freddie Noren #47

“Ironman was a good ending to the outdoors,” said Freddie Noren. “We still have the playoffs to go! This round was down and up. It started out not great but it finished a lot better. I had front end flat in qualifying and I crashed in another so I qualified 18th place. Fortuityl this track you can get a god start with not the best qualifying spot. I got a decent start moto #1 I started off like 9th 10th place but I got tangled up with another rider. I bent my bars in the process. I was able to ride thru that and set myself up for a good gate pick second moto. I came from last place to 22nds place. In moto 2 I got another good start I was running in the top 10 for entire second moto. I finished 10th I went 22-10 for 13th place and I finished 8th in the championship points and head into the Supermotocross playoff rounds 11th in points. It has been one of the best years for me combine points wise and I’m excited for these playoff rounds and super thankful for everyone who helped me get here.”

Larry Brooks, Team Manager

“We were only with Freddie Noren this past weekend,” said Team Manager, Larry Brooks. “Kyle Chisholm was injured the weekend before and was unable to race. Freddie actually halfway decent but In the first moto he crashed really hard and bent his handle bars and twisted up his bike a bit. He tried to finish the race he did his best to finish which he did in 22nd place. In the next moto he came back and finished 10th in the second moto. That gave him 13th overall on the day. He finished 8th overall in championship points for outdoors. Pretty impressive I think that was one of his better overall finishes for the year. It was a good weekend for him. Kyle Chisholm was unable to race but he still finished 16th in 450 motocross points. Our next race is in Charlotte, North Carolina which will be the first round of the Supermotocross series. So it ill be interesting to see how that goes the whole team is preparing for that. So will see everyone in a couple weeks.”

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