Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance’ Budds Creek Race Recap

(Madera, CA, Aug 21st, 2023) – The Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance Team continued its Pro Motocross National Campaign, racing at Budds Creek MX Park in Mechanicsville, Maryland for the second to last Pro Motocross National. Freddie Noren had a solid day on his RM-Z 450 Suzuki with 11th overall, going 13-10 in two races. Teammate Kyle Chisholm struggled on the track, getting unlucky at times with hard crashes each race. Despite the circumstances, Chisholm showed his resiliency and determination, not giving up to finish the races. 

Freddie Noren #47

Freddie Noren #47: Solid day on his RM-Z 450 Suzuki for Freddie Noren. He went 13-10 for 11th overall. Freddie overcame a first moto crash mid-race and worked up to 13th place. He followed it up in Moto 2 with more of the same impressive riding. This time Freddie got a better start and ran in 9th most of the race, ultimately finishing in 10th place. Noren is 8th in Pro Motocross points for the premier class. 


“I was happy with the day but still feel I can get much more out of it. I was especially happy with my second moto. I was running 9th the entire race before finishing in 10th place. I went 13-10 for 11th overall. Points wise, I am in 8th place overall, which is a career best. Excited for Ironman this coming Saturday.”

Kyle Chisholm #11

Kyle Chisholm #11: Rough day for Chisholm, but that’s racing. Chisholm went down hard in moto one and could not finish the race. Able to line up for Moto Two, Kyle did his best to get a good result. He jumped out to a great start and was starting to round the first corner in a strong position before multiple riders crashed into Kyle, pushing him in the opposite direction of the first corner and into a multi-rider pile up. Chisholm was still determined to finish the race, working his way up the field to 24th place before the checkered flag. Kyle went 39-24 for 31st overall. 

“Pretty rough day at the office for me. I haven’t had a rough day like that in a pretty long time. I got bumped off the start first moto and was working my way up the pack. In one of the big triple step-ups, I hit a wet spot trying to make a pass and ended up knifing it and high siding. I knocked the wind out of myself, but I got up quickly; my bike was on the blind side of a jump, and the bike was pretty beat up when I got to it. The team and my mechanic Andrew did a good job preparing it for the next race. I got the last gate pick, but I was able to rip another good start, but a couple guys got tangled up and sent them straight into me, and I was in a first-turn pile-up. I did the best I could to work my way up. It was a bummer I felt good on the bike and track. I like the track; the bike was good; I just didn’t put myself in a good position. I am beat up and pretty sore. Looking forward to healing up this week.”

Larry Brooks, Team Manager

“It was a long day,” said team manager Larry Brooks. “We raced today in Budds Creek, Maryland. Freddie Noren went 13th in the first moto and tenth in the second moto for 11th overall. It wasn’t a bad day for him. He had some issues in the first moto that he had to overcome. In the second moto, he got a better start and rode well. Kyle Chisholm had a heck of a day, hitting the ground in both races. In the first moto, finishing 39th, he had a big crash and did not finish the first moto. Then in the second moto, he was involved in a first-turn crash and finished 24th, giving him 31st overall. It was not a good day for Kyle. He’s a little bit banged up but healthy enough that he’ll race another day. Freddie is 8th in points for the 450 class, and it looks like he should hold that position with one race remaining.” 


Twisted Tea HEP Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance has one more Pro Motocross race left this year. The team heads to Crawfordsville, Indiana for the 12th round of the Pro Motocross Nationals in what will be the last chance for racers to grab points before the Super Motocross Playoffs. Expect to see some excitement on Race Day Live. The first gate drop is at 10:00am on Peacock. 

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