Twisted Tea/ H.E.P. Suzuki Presented by Progressive Insurance escapes Hangtown’s Noose

(Madera, CA, June 6th, 2023) – Chaotic round for the Twisted TEA/ H.E.P. Suzuki Presented by Progressive Insurance Team. The second round of the 2023 Lucas Oil A.M.A. Pro Motocross Championship Series which is the 19th round of the 2023 Supermotocross series was held in Prairie City, California. Headquartered just a few hours away, the annual Hangtown National is as close to a home race as it gets for this team and its roots. Freddie Noren had a stellar first moto running in 6th place. Kyle Chisholm was not too far behind him in 12th place, and teammate Marshal Weltin was in 15th. In the second moto, things took a turn for the worse, with Freddie and Marshal both going down. Noren finished the day 11th overall, Chisholm 14th overall, and Weltin 17th overall. 

Freddie Noren #47

Freddie Noren #47: Roller coaster ride for Freddie Noren. Freddie got a strong start in the first moto and was running in the top ten. He quickly worked his way up into 6th place, where he finished. In the second moto, Noren crashed twice, which hindered his result. He recovered from 30th place in the first lap to finish the second moto in 15th place. Going 6-15 in two motos, Freddie finished the day 11th overall. 


“The day started out really good,” said Freddie Noren. “I was 6th in time qualifying, and I set myself up really good for the races. In the first moto, I had a decent start. I made it all up in the first corner, ended up in 8th or 9th place, and worked my way up to 6th place. I really rode my own race in 6th place. I had a big gap ahead of me and in front of me. I am pretty happy with that. I think I should be in 6th place shouldn’t be anything less than that. In the second moto, I did not have a good start, got tangled up with a few guys, went off the track, bent my bars, and twisted my front tire. I had to kick my front tire to get going again, and then literally a lap later, I fell in a sinkhole or something off the wall jump, and that took me a while to get back going. I was able to get back up to 15th, so it was a rough race. I’m happy considering everything, but at the same time, I’m not that stoked I shouldn’t be back there or outside the top ten. I have to regroup and get better.”

Kyle Chisholm #11

Kyle Chisholm #11: Consistent day for Kyle Chisholm, going 12-13 in two motos. Kyle looked good in both motos and was running in the first moto’s top ten. Unfortunately, arm pump got the better of him and really limited the veteran from pushing into the top ten. 


“Honestly, it’s the same as last round,” said Kyle Chisholm. “…12-13 in two motos for 14th overall. My starts were pretty good again. I didn’t feel that great on the track. We made some little adjustments on the bike throughout the day and some testing during the week. The bike was really good all day. I just didn’t ride my best. I got arm pump in both motos. I struggled to get in a flow and really race. It wasn’t a terrible day. I just didn’t ride my best. We have to put in some work this week and come back next Saturday and do better. 

Marshal Weltin #50

Marshal Weltin #50: Rough round for Marshal Weltin. However, he still came away with 17th place despite not being able to finish the second moto. He went 15-37 for 17th overall. 


I had a couple crashes in the first laps of moto one, and I charged back to 15th place. In the second moto, I crashed, and I was off the track, and that was it; I really don’t know how it happened. It’s a bummer. This was a weekend to capitalize. I’m just going to keep working. 

Larry Brooks – Team Manager

“Rough day for the H.E.P. team,” said Team Manager Larry Brooks. “Freddie Noren did pretty good the first moto. He finished 6th place. Kyle Chisholm was up there for a bit and finished 12th place. Marshal Weltin just had a rough day in both motos. In the second moto, Weltin and Freddie went down together, then Freddie crashed again, and Kyle got arm pump. It just turned into a bad day. I know the team and riders are way better than that. I know our equipment’s better. We will have to come back next weekend and show everyone.”

Twisted Tea/ H.E.P. Suzuki, presented by Progressive Insurance, heads to Lakewood, Colorado, for the third round of the 2023 Lucas Oil A.M.A. Pro Motocross Championship series. Race day live starts at 9AM on Saturday, with the first gate drop set for 12PM. You can follow along with the team race day through our social media channels and catch all the action live on PEACOCK TV.

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